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Ergonomic microscope eyepieces - ISIS

Regular microscope users, will always tell of the potential strain on the operators eyes. If your microscope is of reasonable quality and you make sure the diopter correction is adjusted, to the individuals eye strength, eye strain can be minimised. However a lot of professional microsocpe users find them selves in front of the microscope for prelonged periods of time, in particular clinicians and inspectors.

The ISIS from Vision Engineering allows the operator to sit back from the eyepieces and retain prescription spectacles or safety glasses if worn. The image output of the eyepiece is spread over a greater area, allowing more freedom of head movement. It all adds up to a more relaxed and productive operator. Below is an example of the ISIS:

New Microscope Eyepieces Well Received in GSK Laboratory The Biological Quality Group, based at the GlaxoSmithKline Barnard Castle site, know their microscopes. The site manufactures a broad range of pharmaceutical products and the Biological Quality Group is responsible for monitoring microbiological standards in all production areas as well as the testing of raw materials, finished products and various other components associated with the manufacturing processes. The bacteriology laboratory uses microscopes for counting bacterial colonies and for the examination of Gram stains and other microscopical preparations. These activities can be very time-consuming and as Team Coordinator Lynne Hatton says, "Operators need to take frequent breaks from the microscope to avoid any adverse health effects such as eye fatigue and nausea".

A different approach to microscopy presented itself, when a call from Sartorius, a Vision Engineering distributor, introduced Lynne and her team to the ISIS microscope eyepiece system. These pioneering eyepieces utilise new technology to allow users a more comfortable viewing position, as well as reducing fatigue and eyestrain. The ISIS is available as a replacement for the eyepieces in conventional binocular microscopes or as an integral part of the ALPHA stereo zoom microscope. It uses a newly patented rotating multi lenticular lens technology that amazingly enables the user to see a significantly clearer image with a more usable field of view. Glasses are normally removed for conventional binocular microscope use, which means the user must re-focus their eyes at different distances between the subject and for example, any notes being written or typed on a PC terminal. This constant refocusing quickly leads to the eyestrain and fatigue most microscope users complain of in the long term. With ISIS, operators no longer need to position their eyes right up against the instrument allowing for greater head movement, improved posture and alleviating the removal of prescription or safety spectacles. Without needing to remain motionless with their heads, or frequently moving the subject being studied, users can clearly observe the full field of image. A small movement of the eye no longer means losing part of the field of vision, as the pupil stays within the twelve-times-wider expanded exit pupil image the ISIS provides. The department was instantly impressed and purchased an ISIS eyepiece, which was added to an existing compound high magnification microscope in use for the purpose of bacterial strain identification. They also purchased an ISIS ALPHA stereo zoom microscope, which was specified to enable operators to count colonies on water filtration plates. The benefits of this equipment were immediately apparent, as Lynne Hatton explains. "Bespectacled operators immediately appreciated not having to remove their glasses for microscopic work, and operators find the field of vision broader, meaning the plates take less time to read."

The use of ISIS on microscopes is both model and application specific. If you are interested, call and we can discuss your specfic microscope and application.

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